Our Laser Cutters

what they can do

Meet our laser cutters. They can slice clean through sheets of wood, engrave glass, and cut all kinds of materials. There’s no ink involved, yet they can leave a rich, deep letterpress feel when engraving certain materials. They're fully brandable/wrappable, and a crowd-drawing spectacle at events.

What we do with them

Our 3D Printers

What they can do

We call these our seven dwarves, and they dress up real nice. Our fleet of 3D printers work like computer-controlled glue guns, depositing thin layers of biodegradable plastic, layer on layer, to create a three-dimensional object. They mesmerize guests, creating a fabrication studio that people love to watch, photograph, and share.

What we do with them

Huge Photography Light Table

what it can do

This is a huge, standing-height photography light table. It’s a visual centerpiece that adds atmosphere to any room. It can be used as a display table for products or as a compelling creative workspace for guests.

What we do with it

Giant Rear-Projected Interactive Screens

What they can do

Our 10-foot wide rear-projected screens are a sight to see. Guests can use controllers to interact with customizable content. Two screens can be put side-by-side for an even greater impression that commands attention and invites people to play.

What we do with them

Heat Presses

What they can do

Our heat presses can print custom designs onto totes and t-shirts. Guests can design their own piece, watch as it’s made, and wear and share it with pride! There’s no wet paint like in screen printing; it can be done indoors, and creates washable, premium pieces.

What we do with them

Social Sharing + Data Collection Tablets

what they can do

Our social sharing tablets ensure all our experiences are sharable. Guests can use the tablets to snap photos and share their experience via social media and email. We can also create premium designed branded on-screen forms to collect key guest information.

What we use it with

Design Station Tablets

What They Can Do

We use our design station tablets for our creative design experiences. They’re attractive, approachable, and brandable touch screens that can dress up nicely for VIP events, and blend into any environment.

What we use them with

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