Creating Personal Analog Instagrams on a Massive Photography Light Table for Timberland

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We developed an interactive that was one part photography studio, one part photo booth. Fitting with the photography theme of the event, the light table was used to provide not only an interactive guest experience, but also act as a visual anchor for the environment.​​

We bought a 5 x 4 foot photography light table and hundreds of themed images on transparent squares. Entering the room, guests were immediately attracted to the light table shining upwards onto the crowd standing nearby. Groups of people crowded around the table and layered the images together to create unique “analog instagrams”. When ready, they placed them on a vintage overhead projector, creating a personalized step-and-repeat photo background. Several hundred guests created their own analog instagrams while selfies were taken, printed on-site, and digitally shared. The light table was a magnet for social media too, with guests taking shots of the colourful light table surface as they were creating their piece.

For events in two weeks or two months, on individual events or year-long experiential campaign strategies, our team is happy to help.


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