Live Heat Pressing

Design your very own takeaway with MakeLab’s Live Heat Press experience!

This interactive uses our: Heat Presses


From t-shirts, socks, and hats to tote bags, mugs, and notebooks; you name it we’ll press it! After you’ve decided what material you’ll press, select one of three guest experiences below for your event. From premium garments to tossable rally towels, we will work with you to design the best live experience and materialize your guest memories.

Menu Choice: Guests choose one of three options. A simple but effective experience.

Collage Experience: With a collection of prefabricated designs, guests create their own collage that’ll turn a customizable experience into a takeaway memory.

Custom Text: Using a custom Microsite, guests can add a monogram, word or phrase to create a one of a kind takeaway.

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