Live Event Embroidery


The Technology. Using industrial grade, digital embroidery machines we can now offer live-on-site customization to a variety of apparel items.

Takeaway Options. T-shirts, collard shirts, socks, sleeping masks, etc. Note: Takeaways are not included in this quote. We can test items you provide or source items on your behalf. Any items you are considering will need to be tested.

Guest Design Experience


Guest Experience. Guests are greeted by MakeLab’s design ambassadors and guided through a short, one-on-one creative experiences on sleek design tablets. We will work with you in advance to develop on-brand or thematic design options that can be used to create; offering customization options such as the design, thread colour and placement on the item. Once completed, guests will be able to watch as their item is live embroidered on-site. In just a few minutes, guests will be able to curate a unique apparel piece of their own to take home and share on social.

StartinG Cost Includes

  • (3) Hours of Event Operations

  • (2) Embroidery Units

    • Approx 150 Guest Experiences

  • Design Parameters

    • Approx. 1” x 1” In Size

    • (3) Stock Design Options

    • (3) Stock Thread Colours

    • (1) Takeaway Item

      • (2) Placement/Location Options

    • (1) Creative Revision

  • MakeLab Branded Microsite for Guest Selection

  • MakeLab Branded Tags

  • MakeLab Provided Staff to Engage Guests


  • (2) 6’ Tables

  • (1) 4’ Long Standing-Height Bar or Table

  • (1) 2’ Sq. Standing-Height Table or Cruiser

  • Signage + Environment

  • (2) Dedicated Standard 110v 15-Amp Power Circuits (We Recommend Confirming This With Your Venue)


  • Additional Hours of Operations

  • Additional Design

  • Additional Embroidery Placement

  • Additional Thread Colour

  • Custom Thread Colour

  • Custom Branded Microsite

  • Custom Branding on Tags

[ Prices and scope subject to change ]