Edible Selfie Photo Booth


Technology. We bring to your event our laser cutting and engraving machine usually found only in architecture and design studios, and use it to laser-caramelize photos onto macarons and cookies. The machine can cut through wood and metal, but with some magically precise settings, we can get it to toast the tops of confections. There's no ink involved — just lasers!

Guest Experience. This ain’t your typical photo booth. Guests grab our photo tablet, snap the perfect selfie, and watch as their photos are caramelized inside the machine. A toasted marshmallow aroma adds to the magic of the experience. Guests can snap an irresistibly perfect instagram of their macaron or eat it right away. Everything about this experience can integrate with your brand — from the colour and flavour of the treat, to the packaging, brandable photo backdrop, vinyl application of the laser cutter, and custom data-entry microsite. If you're not sure how this speaks to your brand, drop us an email and we'll explore how together.

StartinG Cost Includes

  • (3) Hours of On-Site Lasering at an Event in Toronto

  • 150 Sugar Cookies

  • Our MakeLab Branded Studio-Class Laser Engraver (3.5' x 2.5' Footprint)

  • MakeLab Staff to Engage Guests

  • MakeLab Branded Photo Booth Backdrop (5' x 2' Footprint)

  • Professional Photo Ring Light

  • MakeLab Branded Tags


  • Power, Environment + Signage

  • (2) Dedicated Standard 110v 15-Amp Power Circuits (We Recommend Confirming This With Your Venue)

  • (1) 2' Square Standing-Height Table or Cruiser

  • (1) 4' Long Standing-Height Bar Tables

  • 10' x 10' Floor Space Recommended


  • Extra Hours of Laser Cutting + Photo Taking

  • Custom Branding on Photo Backdrop

  • Upgrade to Colourful French Macarons

  • Upgrade to Boxed Takeaway Packaging

  • Custom Branding on Back of Macaron (Not Available on Sugar Cookies)

  • Lots of Pre-Made Takeaways For Large Events Where Everyone is Going to Want One

  • Custom Branded Tags

  • Custom Branding on Laser Cutter

[ Prices and scope subject to change ]