Giant Digital Graffiti Colouring Book


Guest Experience. We turn this giant 10-foot wide interactive screen into a canvas for digital painting. Guests grab digital spray paint cans and create their own artwork — either painting freehand, or over custom colouring book pages designed in advance by our team. Paint can be blended like real spray paint to allow for anything from simple colouring-in to intricate mural art. Guests can colour a page in just a few minutes. We've also used it for longer performance pieces with artists creating something extraordinary over the course of your event. Guests can share their creative via email or socials, or have it printed out on site. There's lots to customize with your brand, from themed colouring book pages to a custom branded frame, to the physical spraycans themselves and the email guests receive with their creation.

StartinG Cost Includes

  • (3) Hours of Activation at an Event in Toronto

  • Giant Colouring Book Wall (10' x 6' Footprint)

  • Digital Spray Can Controllers

  • MakeLab Staff to Engage Guests

  • (1) Stock Colouring Book Page with Logo Integration


  • Low Light Indoor Environment

  • (1) Dedicated Standard 110v 15-Amp Power Circuit

  • Hard-Line Ethernet Internet, For Social Media Sharing Option


  • Custom Colouring Book Page(s)

  • Custom Branding on Spray Can Controllers

  • Social Media + Email Sharing

  • Printed Photo Takeaways

[ Prices and scope subject to change ]