Live Event Embroidery

Impressive digital embroidery machines for guests to add designs or monograms to all sorts of items.

This interactive uses our: Embroidery Machine


We are (yet again!) bringing the fabrication studio to you. Using industrial grade embroidery machines we can now offer live-on-site customization to a variety of apparel items. Whether we’re stationed in a retail store, private party, or experiential activation, this is an extraordinarily engaging experience.

Guests can work with one of our design ambassadors to personalize their custom takeaway, before watching as it comes to life - a stitch at a time - before their eyes (perfect for social media capture). Tell us about your event, and we’ll work with you to design an experience that works best for your needs. If we are being honest, who doesn’t want a custom monogrammed item, but we can always work to incorporate brand themes and icons that fit with your event. In just a few minutes, guests can curate, watch, and walk-out with their personalized piece.