Laser Cut Creation Station

Custom laser cutting and engraving for events and retail experiential

Takeaway options: keychains, notebooks, water bottles, wine glasses + bottles, coasters, travel tags, makeup, hanging air plant holders, etc.

This interactive uses our: Laser Cutter, Design Station Tablets


We bring a architecture-grade laser cutting and engraving machine on site to your event. The machine can cut through wooden objects, and engrave a wide variety of items. Guests are greeted by our team, and guided through a quick design experience on our sleek interactive tablets.

Guests can design freehand, or drag and drop from pre-made templates and elements. When ready, artwork is sent to the laser where guests watch as their creation is laser-fabricated into a gorgeous piece they take home right away. This has been spectacularly popular for retail experiential activations such as cosmetics and beauty brands. Everything is done in full view of guests, perfect for social media capturing.

NEW -- For all those with a green thumb, (and even those without) customized air plant holders will be the perfect takeaway experience for your event, finished with a unique air plant for your guests to take home.