Giant Digital Graffiti Colouring Book

A giant digital graffiti spray paint + light marker colouring book, with themed colouring book pages customized for your event.

This interactive uses our: Giant Rear-Projected Interactive Screen


We turn this giant 10-foot wide interactive screen into a canvas for digital painting. Guests grab digital spray paint cans and create their own artwork — either painting freehand, or over custom colouring book pages designed in advance by our team. Paint can be blended like real spray paint to allow for anything from simple colouring-in to intricate mural art.

Guests can colour a page in just a few minutes. We've also used it for longer performance pieces with artists creating something extraordinary over the course of your event. Guests can share their creative work via email or socials, or have it printed out on site.


Adidas/Pique video at top credit: Shale Adam Laietmark.

Lower video includes imagery from Tile Frieze for Archway, courtesy of the Royal Ontario Museum, ©ROM.