Our studio looks like a makerspace, but we’re not open to the public.

Our tools are often out travelling to events. If you’re looking for tools that stay in the same place, check out our friends at STEAMLabs.

Yup! We can come to your city.

We travel to events around the world!

Yeah, we’ll create a custom experience.

We’ll work with you to create that experience you’ve got in mind. If your event however is next week, we’d suggest one of our ready to go interactives.

No, it’s not a laser printer :)

Our laser cutters use heat to engrave and cut. There’s no ink! Our 3D printers build objects from layers of plastic. Laser printers are those regular printers you fight with at work!

Laser Cutter = Super cool. Laser Printer = Not that cool.

Macaron vs. Macaroon

Our Edible Selfie Photo Booth and Dessert Design Bar use colourful french macarons made of almond flour; they’re delicate meringue-based cookies with a ganache filling. Macaroons, which we don’t use, are chewy and often chocolate or coconut-flavoured. We can do lots of other edibles though, so if you have something in mind, let us know!


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