Transforming our Digital Graffiti Colouring Book with 3D Printed Magic

april 17 2017


One of our most popular interactives is our Giant Digital Graffiti Colouring Book Wall. It's a 10-foot wide interactive display where guests use digital graffiti cans to colour and create huge murals. It's been a compelling draw at events, family fun at the Royal Ontario Museum, and car painting for Toyota. But when we were approached by The Children’s Wish Foundation for their Princess & Superhero Party, we knew our normal cans wouldn't cut it — we needed magic, not paint. We put our digital graffiti cans on the studio shelf, and began designing a magic wand.

Our amazing creative maker Rickee Charbonneau designed the wand by coding in the parameters manually (which is a bit over the technical top, but she’s like that), planning for batteries, conduits, and the infrared technology that allows our digital graffiti wall to pick up signals from the wand.

Between 3D printing rentals and events, Rickee printed the wand into reality. Each component required several design iterations to get just right for kids hands. We used Adafruit’s Circuit Playground board to drive the IR LED, and the colourful magic light up action.

Our design lead Joanna Lepiesza then got to work creating a fantasy scene that kids could colour in. We started with painting, but discovered that it was more fun to reveal a hidden mural with "magic" and redesigned the interactive that way.

Of course, the best part was putting the wands in kids' hands and watching the magic. This was a super fun project for us, and we were thrilled to be invited by The Children’s Wish Foundation and Mosaic to help make it happen. 

The team’s working on new interactives based on this one, for Canada 150 events and a whack of great experiential activations.