We’re creating a new collection of pop-up gifting experiences where guests can have live-drawn illustrations produced into full card sets, gifts, and edibles. These new interactives are designed for special VIP events and experiential activations where photo booths don’t fit the vibe or aren’t enough to create a lasting impression. Guests watch as their custom piece be created, ready to take home right away. We’re super excited to be designing these experiences with fashion illustrator Monica Smiley of eighty seventh ST. Monica has collaborated with fashion brands like Holt Renfrew, Hermès, Burberry, Tiffany & Co, MAC Cosmetics, and Joe Fresh. Here are a few of our upcoming offerings.

Live-Made Card Sets

For this interactive, Monica will live-draw, or prepare illustrations to be customized by guests on-site. The MakeLab team will then print and pack them into gorgeous gift sets. Everything’s done on-site while guests watch, with live-made card sets or stationery ready to take home right there.

It’s All in the Wrapping Paper

This is a favourite of the MakeLab team. Monica will draw live caricatures of guests, or prepare custom themed illustrations in advance. The MakeLab team will then digitally customize, pattern and print them onto rolls of one-of-a-kind fashion wrapping paper. Everything’s done on-site, with wrapping paper rolled, custom branded, and ready right away to take home.

Live-Lasered Illustrated Macarons

For this offering, MakeLab brings its studio-class laser cutter on-site. Monica draws live caricatures of guests, or pre-draws design elements, which MakeLab then laser-caramelizes onto colourful French macarons. Guests can watch the entire process, snapping photos of the action at every step.

Custom Caricature Tote Bags

We'll bring our fleet of clean, sleek black heat presses on site. Monica will draw live caricatures of guests, or prep design elements in advance, which MakeLab can then heat press onto totes. Guests get to watch every step of the process.

For more details on these, send us an email to hello@makelab.ca, or tell us about an upcoming event here. We're also busy working on our summer event ideas too — Pop yourself on our newsletter and we’ll keep you in the loop!

Images via: eighty seventh ST. and MakeLab