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The Event’s on Thursday, Yeah?

August 16, 2019

Every agency needs a good backpocket solution to make a tight turnaround happen, for those clients who may take a little extra time making a final decision. Our experiences are designed for tight turnarounds, no matter where in the world the event is.



Metallic Foil Bot

August 9, 2019

Metallic customization is an elevated creative experience, best suited for high-end merchandise. With our Metallic Foil Bot, guests can imprint text, signatures, and illustrations directly onto a product of your choice.



White-Labelling: We Want to be Your Secret Weapon.

JULY 26, 2019

White labelling is when we keep our brand out of sight, while yours takes the spotlight. We partner with you to create a one-of-a-kind experience and put your name on the front of the Playbill.



Our New Beve-Bot Turns any Drink into a Canvas!

JULY 12, 2019

We’re always experimenting with technologies that spark wonder and creativity at events. And what’s at almost every event? Drinks!



It’s Festival Season, and our Summer Interactives are Ready to Go.

June 26, 2019

We love doing events around the world, but we gotta say: with the Toronto Raptors, the Pride Parade, and Canada Day, it’s a damn phenomenal time to be headquartered in Canada.



It’s Pride Month, and We’re Pretty Proud.

June 18, 2019

We’re pretty gay. Or (far) more correctly put, we have a highly diverse team. We’re more than proud of that; diversity is an important part of our strategy.



Three Ways to Play:

MAY 31, 2019

Let Guests Customize Tote Bags, T-Shirts, and More with Three Design Experiences.



Announcing MakeShop:
The Stuff We Make, Without The Event!

MAY 13, 2019

We love coming to events, but there are times when you don’t need the live experience; sometimes you just need a great gift.



Launching for Spring!
Live On-Site Embroidery + Made-to-Order Custom Macarons

MARCH 27, 2019

With more brands looking to create destination experiences in retail stores and events, we’ve invested in new tools and experiences for the Spring season.



Experiences Turn Trade Show Booths Into Destinations

February 6, 2019

We started our studio by bringing 3D printers to a bar and teaching unexpected patrons how to design custom shot glasses. That’s a far cry from an industry trade-show, but…



2018: The Year We Blew Up a Bit

January 8, 2019

At the close of 2018, our team had grown to twelve lovely humans. To our clients, our technology partners, and to each other, we're grateful…



Our Picks: Best Uses of 3D Printing Today

October 23, 2018

Our studio’s mission is to introduce people to future technology, showing anyone how to be creative with new tools. Here’s what’s exciting us about 3D printing today.


Introducing Our Newest Creative Tool: MakeLab’s Mobile Vinyl Cutter

October 9, 2018

We’ve been experimenting with vinyl cutters in studio and are super excited to a fun new customization tool to our arsenal. Our laser cutters are incredible for…


Customizing Cosmetics: Building Design Experiences for a Different Industry

September 26, 2018

We built our studio by borrowing tools from industrial and design worlds, and introducing them into event environments where people least expected them. Because those tools come from those industries, it’s natural for us to have built experiences for…



Lab Notes: Laser Sandwiches and Fun Food Fails

September 10, 2018

Disclaimer: several bananas were severely harmed in the making of this blog post.



In Search of Authentic Experiential: The Act of Creating Can’t Help But Be Genuine

August 29, 2018

The very first event we ever did was a weird experiment — conducted well before we knew what we were doing or what our studio would eventually become. We convinced a downtown Toronto bar to let us bring six 3D printers…


Personalized Ornaments.jpg

Engaging Shoppers with Interactive Experiences: Custom Engraved Holiday Ornaments

August 17, 2018

It’s summer outside, but it’s holiday planning season for many of our clients. Our studio is buzzing with design experiences that incorporate a holiday vibe. I dare admit to you, oh internet, that we write this...



Designing for Designers: An Event Series With Adobe

July 23, 2018

Like many design studios, our team uses Adobe Creative Cloud across our studio. Most of our work is created in Illustrator or InDesign, which our design team uses to customize pieces for made-to-order fabrication live on-site. Adobe approached us....


Transforming our Digital Graffiti Colouring Book with 3D Printed Magic

APRIL 12TH, 2017

One of our most popular interactives is our giant digital graffiti colouring book wall. It's a 10-foot wide interactive display where guests use digital graffiti cans to colour and create huge murals...


Tech Meets Haute Couture: Announcing New Event Illustration Interactives with Fashion Artist Monica Smiley

february 28th, 2017

We’re creating a new collection of pop-up gifting experiences where guests can have live-drawn illustrations produced into full card sets, gifts, and edibles. These new interactives are designed for special VIP events and experiential activations where photo booths don’t fit the vibe or aren’t enough to create a lasting impression...



Meet Norman, Our New Live-Events Laser Engraving Machine

july 26th, 2016

Norman is a laser cutter which we’ve modified for live events, trade shows, and marketing activations. Appropriate for any event, Norman has been powder coated for a sleek but sophisticated look, accessorized with interior lighting and specialized bed plates to attract attention to his work and streamline our process...


All-You-Can-3D-Print | Start Up Weekend - Internet of Things

november 21st, 2014


Well hey there Startup Weekend teams!

We've got FIVE 3D printers at your disposal this weekend, and are here to help you get your stuff from mind to print...


3D Printing Ancient Cities | Royal Ontario Museum

december 9th, 2013

We're fascinated with how museums around the world use 3D printing to enrich exhibit experience. We're awestruck at projects like Smithsonian's X 3D platform and American Fossils' Virtual Lab. We love this stuff, and we were thrilled when an opportunity came to design a 3D printing exhibit for the Royal Ontario Museum...