Three Ways to Play:

Let Guests Customize Tote Bags, T-Shirts, and More with Three Design Experiences

MaY 31, 2019


With our heat presses, guests can now get creative three different ways, designing their own wearable item before watching their imagination come to life into a product of their own. Our client services team can work with you to select a design workflow that creates an exceptional experience for your audience. Here’s a primer on three options our team has been working on, each resulting in a deeply memorable interaction and customized takeaway:

Menu Choice

With this option, guests select between a few ready-to-go designs. They then get to watch the fabrication performance, as our team creates and presses their design in full view.


Collage Experience

One big step beyond Menu Choice, this designing option lets guests get hands-on. Each guest gets to select several different pre-made elements and place them on their tote or wearable. Guests get to mix and match, placing elements wherever they like. They can even slice up design elements like patterns, adding visual texture to their piece that really pops. When ready, MakeLab event staff heat-presses their creation into the takeaway.


Custom Text

Sometimes things just need to be said! With this designing option, guests get to choose a font and a custom saying of their very own. We can do this mad-lib style where guests are adding to a saying or slogan, or blank-slate style where the whole phrase is up to them!


Custom experiences create meaningful and lasting impressions on people that can have a great return on investment at events, retail, and tradeshow activations. These three design options are great on their own, and can also be combined to create a truly unique experience for guests. Our client services team are experts in customization experiences, and can guide you on the best options for your event and audience. Find out more about the three ways to play here. We can’t wait to work with you.


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