Metallic Foil Bot

Let guests imprint gorgeous designs, signatures, and illustrations into high-end items.

August 9, 2019


Metallic Foil Personalization 

Metallic customization is an elevated creative experience, best suited for high-end merchandise. With our Metallic Foil Bot, guests can imprint text, signatures, and illustrations directly onto a product of your choice. Plastics look especially impressive with this kind of embossing, cosmetics and phone cases, water bottles, luggage tags — and all sorts of items — great options for customizations. With a wide array of textures, finishes and metallic colour options, we can also match the look and feel of specific brands.

Retail + Event Customization Stations 

Personalization elevates retail experiences in a way online retailers can’t. At events, tradeshows, and conferences, it also makes for a more impactful takeaway. Whether you have a product already, or you’re looking for our team to source options, our creative team can work with you to build an experience that fits your event.

Creative Design Options

There’s something extraordinary that happens when you give people a new creative tool to explore. People drop their guard, have fun, and play with what’s possible. Our team can craft a design experience that engages guests in just the right way. Whether guests are simply choosing from pre-set designs and logos, or hand-drawing an embellishment on one of our design tablets, our team will guide them through the whole process, from design through fabrication, with everything happening in front of their eyes. With our innovative tech and your creative ideas, let’s partner to create an extraordinary experience at your event.


MakeLab is a laboratory for interactive events. We bring laser cutters, 3D printers, and other future-tools of fabrication to events around the world, introducing people new modes of hands-on creativity. Have an event in mind? Reach out to our team and let’s build an experience together.