It’s Festival Season, and our Summer Interactives are Ready to Go.

June 26, 2019


We love doing events around the world, but we gotta say: with the Toronto Raptors, the Pride Parade, and Canada Day, it’s a damn phenomenal time to be headquartered in Canada. It’s also festival season around the world, and that means tons of opportunities to engage people.

It’s a good opportunity to mention that all of our offerings can be customized specifically to any brand and any theme, not just Canada Day :). Our 3D printed bottle openers can be redesigned into any shape and colour. Same goes for our Canadian-Moose keychains that are produced on ever versatile laser - water bottles, keychains, you name it! Then there’s our giant digital graffiti colouring book wall which is hugely customizable too, with colouring book pages that can be designed to fit any event.


Experiential for Music Festivals

The Summer favourite however, are customizable tote bags and t-shirts that can be designed and pressed on-site, everything in full view of guests. They’re fabulous at music and outdoor festivals.


Event Embroidery

We’re also seeing demand from malls and retailers looking to draw people in during the Summer season. We have a fleet of digital embroidery machines to serve retailers across North America, with a coast-to-coast design team to guide guests through a creative experience.


As you celebrate the summer, collaborate with MakeLab and make your guests’ experience remarkable!

Happy Canada Day,
The MakeLab Team

MakeLab is a laboratory for interactive events. We bring laser cutters, 3D printers, and other future-tools of fabrication to events around the world, introducing people new modes of hands-on creativity. Have an event in mind? Reach out to our team and let’s build an experience together.