Our New Beve-Bot Turns any Drink into a Canvas! 

From beers to lattes, customize your experience one cup at a time

July 12, 2019


Photos on Drinks

We’re always experimenting with technologies that spark wonder and creativity at events. And what’s at almost every event? Drinks!

We’ve added something new to our arsenal of creative tools; Our new Beverage Bot uses the top of any foamy beverage as a canvas. It prints images, logos, and designs with a tasteless edible ink that’s perfect for lattes, beers, and any drink with a foamy top.

We can use the Beve-Bot as part of three experiences:

  •  a menu choice where guests select a logo or image

  •  a selfie experience where guests snap photos and have them printed on their drink, or 

  • a design experience where guests design or illustrate their drink artwork 


Customizable Takeaways

Want to leave your guests with something more after they’ve had their drink? It’s not just the drinks that are customizable, but also the coasters, drink sleeves, glasses, mugs, and disposable cups -- either in advance of your event, or live in front of guests’ eyes. 



Our Beve-Bot is brand new, so we’re still exploring new applications for the technology. We’re currently testing materials such as graham crackers, marshmallows, and more.

Reach out for a quote, or share your ideas with us, so we can customize your next event!


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