Announcing MakeShop:
The Stuff We Make, Without The Event!

MaY 13, 2019


We love coming to events, but there are times when you don’t need the live experience; sometimes you just need a great gift. Introducing MakeShop, our custom self-serve order shop.

It can be really hard to find a gift or giveaway that’s original and impressive. You want something that people haven’t seen before, that’s unique to your company or event, and that leaves a lasting impression. We’re here for you. Quickly upload an image, pick a font with your custom message, or pick from our icon menu - it’s that simple!

We’ve had some great recent orders:

  • An agency ordered 100 macarons for their team’s party, each laser-engraved with the face of their CEO. It was a huge hit.

  • A coffee company had us make Macarons flavoured with their own beans, and engraved with their logo. They gave them away at a VIP marketing event.

  • A trade show exhibitor ordered wooden pins with different icons on them to represent their different capabilities. They were fun and fashionable, and people crowded into their booth to get them.

  • A shoe company ordered necklaces with custom lasered models of their shoe to give away at their launch event. You could spot the necklaces in photos taken throughout the evening, and everyone walked out with one around their neck.

Head to MakeShop to order custom macarons, cookies and pins. Got something else in mind? Our creative team is great at making custom ideas to life. Talk to us about corporate giveaways, team gifts, and trade show swag that’s off the beaten path.


MakeLab is a laboratory for interactive events. We bring laser cutters, 3D printers, and other future-tools of fabrication to events around the world, introducing people new modes of hands-on creativity. Have an event in mind? Reach out to our team and let’s build an experience together.