Designing for Designers: An Event Series With Adobe

July 23, 2018

Like many design studios, our team uses Adobe Creative Cloud across our studio. Most of our work is created in Illustrator or InDesign, which our design team uses to customize pieces for made-to-order fabrication live on-site. Adobe approached us....


Transforming our Digital Graffiti Colouring Book with 3D Printed Magi

APRIL 12TH, 2017

One of our most popular interactives is our giant digital graffiti colouring book wall. It's a 10-foot wide interactive display where guests use digital graffiti cans to colour and create huge murals...



Tech Meets Haute Couture: Announcing New Event Illustration Interactives with Fashion Artist Monica Smiley

february 28th, 2017

We’re creating a new collection of pop-up gifting experiences where guests can have live-drawn illustrations produced into full card sets, gifts, and edibles. These new interactives are designed for special VIP events and experiential activations where photo booths don’t fit the vibe or aren’t enough to create a lasting impression...



Meet Norman, Our New Live-Events Laser Engraving Machine

july 26th, 2016

Norman is a laser cutter which we’ve modified for live events, trade shows, and marketing activations. Appropriate for any event, Norman has been powder coated for a sleek but sophisticated look, accessorized with interior lighting and specialized bed plates to attract attention to his work and streamline our process...




All-You-Can-3D-Print | Start Up Weekend - Internet of Things

november 21st, 2014


Well hey there Startup Weekend teams!

We've got FIVE 3D printers at your disposal this weekend, and are here to help you get your stuff from mind to print...



3D Printing Ancient Cities | Royal Ontario Museum

december 9th, 2013

We're fascinated with how museums around the world use 3D printing to enrich exhibit experience. We're awestruck at projects like Smithsonian's X 3D platform and American Fossils' Virtual Lab. We love this stuff, and we were thrilled when an opportunity came to design a 3D printing exhibit for the Royal Ontario Museum...