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Laser Dessert Design Bar

The Technology. We bring a architecture-grade laser cutting and engraving machine on site to your event. The machine is powerful enough to cut through sheets of wood, but for this experience we use it to delicately caramelize designs into macarons and cookies.

Option I  //  Guest-Design Experience


Guest Experience. Guests use our tablet design stations to create, and then watch as their designs are caramelized onto macarons or cookies with our architectural laser engraving machine. This is a delicious hands-on creative experience: guests are greeted by MakeLab’s design ambassadors and guided through five-minute, one-on-one creative experiences. Guests can design freeform or use custom branded/themed templates designed in advance by the MakeLab team to suit your brand. Guests then get to watch the lasering and snap their cookie's creation for social media. Our laser cutter is sleek and brandable, and our on-site staff can thread your brand story into the experience. If your brand identity hits themes of creativity, innovation, design, or bespoke experiences, this activation will drive those themes home. 

StartinG Cost Includes


  • Power, Environment + Signage 
  • (2) Dedicated Standard 110v 15-Amp Power Circuits (We Recommend Confirming This With Your Venue)
  • (1) 2' Square Standing-Height Table or Cruiser
  • (1) 4' Long Standing-Height Bar Table
  • (1) 4' Long Standing-Height Bar Table for Design Stations



Option II  //  Menu-Choice Experience


Guest Experience. Guests will choose between three custom designs and watch as their choice is laser engraved onto macarons or cookies. Everything is done in full view of guests, perfect for social media capturing. 

StartinG Cost Includes

  • (3) Hours of Unlimited Lasering at an Event in Toronto
  • (150) Sugar Cookies
  • Our MakeLab Branded Studio-Class Laser Engraver (3.5' x 2.5' Footprint)
  • MakeLab Staff to Engage Guests
  • (2) Custom Menu-Choice Designs for Macarons
  • (1) Creative Revision on Designs
  • Cellophane Takeaway Bags


  • Power, Environment + Signage 
  • (2) Dedicated Standard 110v 15-Amp Power Circuits
  • (1) 4' Long Standing-Height Bar Table


  • Extra Hours of Laser Cutting
  • Upgrade to Colourful French Macarons
  • Additional Menu-Choice Designs
  • Boxes Instead of Cellophane Packaging
  • Lots of Pre-Made Macarons/Cookies For Large Events Where Everyone is Going to Want One
  • Custom Branded Tags
  • Custom Branding on Laser Cutter

[ Prices and scope subject to change ]