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Laser Engraved Food Bar

The Laser Desert Design Bar adds a delicious hands-on creative kick to events. Guests are greeted by MakeLab’s design ambassadors and guided through five-minute, one-on-one creative experiences on design tablets. Guests can design freeform or select from custom options designed to suit your event. When ready, guests get to watch and capture their treat as it’s laser-caramelized and engraved. Our laser cutter is sleek, brandable, and creates a sweet toasted aroma during the lasering process. Treats are ready to eat and tweet with right away.


Laser Engraved Chocolate

What more do you need to know? Your guests can create their own design and watch as it’s engraved into chocolate WITH LASERS.


Laser Cut Pineapple + Fruit

Who doesn't love the sweet smell of laser cut pinapple in the morning? We laser cut all kids of food, fruit, and vegetable over here. Laser pineapple looks particularly lovely.


Live-Engraved Custom Candy

Candy. Engraved. With. Lasers. Need we say more? Maybe a little: We'll custom engrave candy with messages, designs or logos, right in front of guests' eyes. We're particularily loving the look of laser engraved rocket candy. And of course, custom engraved ring-pops.

_DCS8648-edit (1).jpg

Colourful French Macarons

Delicate French macarons take well to laser cutting, making these our most popular edible. We use macarons for our Edible Selfie Photo Booth and Laser Dessert Design Bar.

Laser Cut Nori Laser Cut Seaweed

Laser Cut Nori (Seaweed)

We'll custom cut sheets of nori with intricate patterns right on site at your event. Delicate and delicious, these can be used for rolling sushi, or packaged up neatly as a gorgeous branded takeaway gift.