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We'll bring our sleek laser cutter on-site, letting guests design their own bespoke item. Their Instagram feeds haven't seen anything quite like this.

There's nothing like seeing something you designed being laser-engraved while you watch. We've brought our studio laser cutter to events across the country, creating bow ties, name badges, even an edible selfie photo booth. We've been experimenting with swag of all types, and we're ready to show you some new options that guests will love and can be tailored to your brand.

Get these at your event in two ways: as a design-your-own interactive, or a menu-choice pop-up with a logo or pre-made designs. Have an event coming up? Give us a few quick details and we'll reach out right away.

Portable Battery Chargers

USB power banks that are perfect for summer event giveaways. With their sleek black exterior, the laser engraver exposes an eye-catching aluminum design. Great large surface for adding a custom design or brand logo.


Engravable Bluetooth Speaker

The wooden enclosure for this mini speaker is fully engravable. When lasered, the wood darkens to create a pretty gorgeous contrast. Like all our engravables, these are ready for guests to take right away.


Bottles, Carafes, & Canteens

Oooooh does this ever look amazing. For round objects, we use a special rotary attachment in the laser cutter that rotates the object as it's engraved. The rotary adds even more of a spectacle, and can be used to create designs that flow around the entire circumference. We can even engrave the bottles similar to the ever popular S'well water bottles.


Engraved Flasks

For the 19+ crowd, and one our team is particularly excited about: the laser engraving comes out incredibly beautifully on these flasks, and we can engrave almost any illustration, logo, or custom message.


Wine Bottle Engraving

We've seen regular wine bottle engraving at events and experiential marketing activations. Not to boast, but what makes ours unique and special is that we can engrave with full creative freedom. Guest's own signatures, illustrations, caricatures, and messaging in any font. Signatures are our team's favourite: guests come up to the engraving station, pen their signature into a design tablet, and watch as it's lasered into the glass bottle.


Mug Engraving

Go camp-style for a music festival activation, or metallic for something a little more VIP. Our team has brought our laser engraver to outdoor fields and slick indoor venues. Our laser can dress for all occasions :).



Notebooks, Journals & Books

Who doesn’t love a custom notebook? Guests can customize and dedicate notebooks. This is great for trade shows, conferences, and educational events.


Bow Ties + Pendants

Let guests design their own bow ties and pendants. They’ll watch while their creation is lasered before putting it on!

Laser Engraved Food

After raiding produce and packaged goods aisles, we filled our studio with the sweet smells of freshly lasered watermelons, pineapples, candy and cookies. Have your guests order custom messages on chocolates, enjoy cocktails with logoed pineapple, or make s'mores with branded marshmallows. See all the options here