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Designed for Canada 150

In anticipation of Canada's 150th, we’ve customized a few of our rentable interactives to help make sesquicentennial events shine. All interactives are impactful, sharable, sponsor-brandable, and come fully staffed. We’re collaborative, Canadian, and operate across the country. Tell us about the event you're planning, and we'll get things started. Oh, and if you're looking for funding, don't forget to check out the Canada 150 Fund or the Celebrate Canada Grant.


Edible Selfie Photo Booth: Canada 150 Edition

This ain’t your typical photo booth. The MakeLab team brings our studio-class laser cutter, brandable photo-backdrop, and black & white selfie camera to your event. Guests grab the camera, snap the perfect selfie, and watch as their photo is laser-caramelized onto a maple leaf shaped cookie. Guests can eat their treat right away, or save it for the perfect social media post.

3d PrinteD Maple Leaf Bottle Openers

We’ll bring our fleet of 3D printers to your event and set up a live-3D printing studio. We’ll print our gorgeous custom designed bottle openers, each featuring a classic Canadian penny embedded at its heart. Guests can watch the openers as they’re prepped, printed, and pennied — for an irrisistable social share. Bottle openers will be ready to take home right away.

Live Laser-Cut Canada Keychains

Let’s show off Canada as a place for innovation and fabrication. We’ll bring our studio-class laser cutter on-site to create keychains out of gorgeous Canadian sourced baltic birch. Guests can choose a design and watch as their piece of Canadiana is lasered. After a ring is added by our team, the piece is ready to wear with pride.

Live Laser Cut Buildables

This is Canada’s birthday! Let’s build some Canadian wildlife, and show off Canada as the innovative place we know and love. We’ll bring our studio-class laser cutter on-site and make moose, racoons, or beavers out of gorgeous Canadian sourced baltic birch. Guests can watch as their buildable is lasered into reality, ready to make Instagram followers jealous.

Canada 150 Giant digital Graffiti Wall

This is our giant, 10-foot wide digital graffiti wall. Guests use digital spray cans or light markers to colour in pages, which can then be shared on social media or polaroid printed as a personal takeaway. Pages for guests to colour are custom-drawn by a MakeLab artist in advance of the event to suit a specific theme, venue, or sponsor.